Mid-Atlantic Flute Fair

The Flute Society of Washington, Inc.

February 18 & 19, 2017



Not Chaminade Again!

A guide to refreshing repertoire for high school students


Saturday, February 18

10:15 – 11:05 am, Room 6


Carmen Lemoine and Katherine Emeneth, flutes

Wei-Han Wu, piano


Are you tired of teaching the same repertoire over and over again?  Join us in an interactive recital that showcases lesser known and new works for the high school student. We will     discuss the challenges and rewards of teaching each of these pieces as well as provide a list of repertoire of more pieces   suitable for high school students.


Suite for Flute and Piano                         Philippe Gaubert

Invocation                                     (1879-1941)

Berceuse Orientale




Katherine Emeneth


Soir dans les Montagnes                              Eugene Bozza


Katherine Emeneth


Sonata No. 1                                      EugĂ©nie Rocherolle

Allegro moderato                                      (b. 1939)


Allegro moderato


Carmen Lemoine


Sonata in F Major                                        Anna Amalia

Adagio                                          (1723-1787)


Allegro ma non troppo


Carmen Lemoine


Sonatina for Flute and Piano                 Endre Szervanszky

Allegro ma non troppo                  (1911-1977)


Allegro con fuoco


Carmen Lemoine


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