FSW Hosted E-Blasts

Do you have a message you would like to share with FSW members?

Did you miss the FSW newsletter deadline but want people to know about your event? 

The Flute Society of Washington is now accepting requests to send your message through FSW hosted email blasts.  

The cost of a E-Blast is $25 for FSW members (student, full, life and sustaining) and $50 for non-members. Payment must be paid in full through PayPal on our website before the blast is sent. 

The FSW will accept your message in 2 different formats:

1. Microsoft Word Document: Blast should contain pre-formatted text and embed images within the document with standard fonts only (Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica).

2. HTML File: The html document must utilize email-friendly html only (i.e. no javascript, iframes, background images or other advanced code) and CSS styles must be inline. Please include images pre-sized and in the same directory as the html file. 

When ordering an e-Blast, please be sure to include the date on which you would like it sent and the subject line for your message. 

Orders must be received five days before the date which you want the-Blast sent.  


The Flute Society of Washington, Inc. reserves the right to refuse to send a Hosted e-Blast for whatever reason FSW deems necessary. Each customer (and their agent) is responsible for obtaining all required permissions and/or licenses to use any of the content of their e-Blasts. FSW may require that a customer submit copies of such permissions and/or licenses along with e-Blast content. All customers (or their agent) assume responsibility for the contents of their e-Blasts, and agree to indemnify FSW from any and all claims and expenses arising therefrom.

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